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Meet Dr. John Bizon:

Defending Conservative Values with Integrity!


Dear Friends,

We live in a very turbulent world. Rapid change is sweeping across almost every corner of daily life, impacting our jobs, our families and our future together.


Now more than ever, we need steady leadership in our state government – leadership built on core American values, not opinion polls or special interest groups. That’s why I decided to run for Michigan State Senate in District 19 ( Barry, Calhoun and Ionia counties). It’s a decision I don’t take lightly, and I want you to know why :


  • First, conservative values are under attack. We must stand up for the central importance of family, the sanctity of life, freedom to worship, and our basic rights as American citizens. That takes real accountability in government. Simply put, we are accountable to the people we represent, not to outside power brokers.


  • Second, the momentum we’ve built together for positive change in Michigan can disappear in a heartbeat if we return to the bad old days of bloated bureaucracy, high taxes and out-of-control regulation. We cannot let that happen!


  • Thirdly, I believe I can make a special contribution to the state Senate based on my decades of work as a physician, Air Force officer and small business owner, including my service as President of the Michigan State Medial Society. My record in the House is strong, particularly in the areas of economic development, health, educational reform and government transparency.


Our motto in this campaign is simple: “Integrity First!” The people of Senate District 19 must come first in every vote – not back-room deals or outside money from shadowy lobbyists. Our citizens deserve honesty and transparency in government – and that’s exactly what I will deliver. (See where I stand on key issues.)

This campaign will be a hard-fought battle, but I know it’s worth the effort. Please join us on the road ahead!



Dr. John Bizon

Candidate for Michigan State Senate in Distict 19

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About Dr. John Bizon:

Dr. Bizon currently serves as State Representative for House District 19. He is a father, grandfather, Air Force veteran, small business owner and faithful church member. Before entering politics in 2014 for the first time, Dr. Bizon was President of the Michigan State Medical Society.  He and his wife, Debbie, have been married for 43 years. They have four grown children and 6 grandghildren. (Biography)

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