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Key Issues: Straight Talk

You Deserve Clear, No-Nonsense Answers to Your Key Concerns

"To make an informed decision as a voter, you need honest, straightforward information about the candidates and their views. That's why we've compiled the following position papers for your review. If you'd like to hear more about a particular issue, please let me know. Thank you!" – Dr. John Bizon

Jobs & Economic Growth

Working together, we’ve made great strides in rebuilding our state’s economy, but we need to do more to secure the future for our people. We can’t go back to the “bad old days” of higher taxes, job-killing regulations and suffocating government bureaucracy... (Read more)

Health Care Reform

Our health care system is broken. We spend more money than any other country on health care, yet
our results aren’t any better – and are often worse – than other developed countries. In other words, we aren’t getting our money’s worth.. I’ve spent the last 40 years of my life as a doctor... (Read more)

Educational Reform

Every child in our state deserves access to a quality education today – not 20 years from now. That’s why I’ve worked hard during my two terms in the state House of Representatives to drive education reform in our area. For example, I helped provide millions of dollars in... (Read more)

Supporting Agriculture

I’ve been a vocal supporter of our farm economy ever since I was first elected to the House.  In fact, I’ve earned a rating of 100% from the Michigan Farm Bureau based on my 2015-16 voting record. Just as important, I promise to continue my support for agriculture... (Read more)

2nd Amendment Rights

I strongly support our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and I will always oppose any government move to take away our guns. Guns are not just for hunting and personal safety, but also as a guarantee against tyranny. I’ve been endorsed by the Michigan Coalition... (Read more)

The Sanctity of Life

 I have always believed in the sanctity of human life. During medical school, I took an oath to “do no harm” and I take that oath very seriously in my work as a doctor. I have also been endorsed by Right to Life of Michigan during my last two election campaigns. My Christian faith... (Read more)

Immigration & the Law

America is largely a nation of immigrants.
We celebrate our diverse traditions and heritages today in countless ways. At the same time, we are – and should always remain – a nation that upholds the rule of law. No one is above the law, including those coming to our country... (Read more)

Protecting Our Environment

Michigan’s natural resources are a gift from God that must be preserved for future generations. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of pollution. In July 2010, an Enbridge pipeline in Calhoun County ruptured... (Read more)

Roads & Infrastructure

Safe roads and public infrastructure are essential to our economy here in Michigan. Like many of you, I was very frustrated for years about the poor condition of our highways, byways and local roads. Michigan legislators came together in November 2015 to approve a package... (Read more)

Crime & Law Enforcement

Every criminal act is an assault on civilized society.    I am a strong supporter of our criminal justice system, and I always will be. While crime rates fluctuate from year to year, I am pleased to report that overall violent crime in our state declined 47.6% from 1991 to 2015...  (Read more)

The Opiod Crisis

The opioid crisis is real. You’ve heard about it on the news. You’ve read about it in the newspaper. You may even know someone whose been directly affected by opioid addiction. In fact, no part of Michigan is safe from the ravages of this epidemic. The evidence is undeniable... (Read more)

Limited Government

Our government exists to serve the people, not the other way around. All too often, the government forgets that lesson and burdens our citizens with mountains of unnecessary rules, regulations and restrictions. That trend must stop. Our economy cannot continue... (Read more)

Veterans & the Military

Military service is an absolute cornerstone of our
freedom. When I served as an Air Force physician (both in the U.S. and Philippines) I saw first hand the courage and dedication of our troops. They literally put their lives on the line so we can enjoy the fruits of liberty every day... (Read more)

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